For us it is more important that you find your perfect holiday home.

Look at our small but carefully selected choice of holiday houses and apartments.

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By clicking the black, transparent bar on one of the pictures that you find on the home page, you go to the corresponding holiday house, with pictures, information, calendar, daily fee, contact form etc.

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If you like the holiday home, then just fill in the contact form and send it to us.
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As soon as possible we will send you an e-mail with hot new information.

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You can either accept our offer by sending us an e-mail or fax or ask us how we could help or accommodate you.

Here you find our conditions: General terms and conditions

Now we get down to real business!
Once all formalities are cleared, you make a down payment by bank transfer, usually 20% of the total price.  Now the holiday house is definitely reserved for you.
Unless otherwise agreed, you transfer the rest of the money approx. three weeks before your holidays start.
Some owners demand a deposit in cash. In this case we inform you directly by e-mail.

“Welcome to Majorca”!
On the day of your arrival we meet, as agreed previously, in order to hand over the keys to you personally. We show you your holiday house and explain to you on site everything that is important for you and the owner.

You have our telephone number!
During your stay, the 7mallorca team is always available for you. As we would like to see you again next year and would like you to recommend us to other holiday makers, we want you to have the perfect holiday. We are there for you to solve any big or small problem. We speak German, English, Italian, Spanish and Majorcan.

Also on your departure day we want to make things as easy as possible for you.
Usually the holiday houses have to be handed over to us or the owner until 10:00 o’clock. At the same time the deposit is paid back to the client.

Talk to us, we will try to adapt ourselves to your flight schedule.
We are a small and yet young agency for holiday rentals in Majorca.

We focus on you, your family and your friends.

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